Symbolically Isolated Linguistically Variable Intelligence Algorithms

Meet SILVIA, the most advanced, flexible, lightweight system ever created for developing natural language applications. This revolutionary patented conversational intelligence platform, learns, understands, and interacts in an indiscernibly human way, to solve problems, and deliver operational efficiencies like never possible before.

With infinite applications across a full spectrum of industries, from big data, healthcare, financial services, IT Technology and others, SILVIA is changing how we live our lives and run our businesses in ways that we’ve never imagined before.

This ground-breaking conversational intelligence partner not only understands natural language and context, but inferred implications, senses emotions, learns through experience, and applies logic.

SILVIA is able to digest complex training information in seconds, in any human language. She learns on the job, and from interactions between human co-workers and customers. She maps her own processes of what is happening, and utilizes it to provide future solutions at blazing unmatched speed.

SILVIA in Motion

Like no other technology developed to date SILVIA is transforming its place within business. Integrated into operations this digital co-worker enhances human productivity and capability, while changing the world of possiblity. The newly enhanced workplaces, workforces, and organizations utilizing SILVIA are positioning themselves to enjoy record breaking productivity, but there also creating a level of efficiency of financial freedom that empowers new exploration, and industry disrupting enrichment, while unlocking the value and customer experience that many of the world’s leading brands have longed to be able to deliver.

SILVIA’s Automated Tasks Systems

SILVIA’s applications are extensive. By automating knowledge work, learning instantaneously, and being able to seamlessly apply real-time problem solving in languages, she facilitates forward thinking visionaries and organizations to accomplish colossal tasks steps at lightning warp speed.

Whether fast tracking volumes of research in the legal industry, tracking insurance claims, finding and matching solutions to challenges in the medical field around the globe, beaming critical know-how to remote energy workers offshore, creating customized interactive experiences, analyzing big data for financial services, or delivering breathtaking customer experiences in online and offline retail, SILVIA effectively takes the artificial out of AI.

SILVIA at Work

SILVIA is your dream “employee.” SILVIA is always on time, working to the highest standard, all day, every day. She never gets tired. She only gets smarter. She never drops the ball. She documents everything. SILVIA reduces the risk of human error, and protects her co-workers, executives, and investors. Always ready to help, wherever you need her. SILVIA can be trained to handle virtually any knowledge-based task. She can adopt a multitude of roles, handle a full spectrum of business scenarios, and unencumbered by language and culture. It just doesn’t get any better.

SILVIA Understands

Comprehension: While antiquated technologies still attempt to present themselves as intelligence, SILVIA gets it. Most platforms in existence today rely on basic pattern matching, keywords, and rudimentary translation in very tight confines. Not SILVIA. She understands real language use. She understands what users are trying to convey based on multiple factors other systems simply don’t have the capacity to. She comprehends implied references, emotional responses, and not only responds better, but allows others to get right to the point, so she can help you.

She’s Constantly Improving

Independent Automated Learning: When it comes to training, SILVIA is the hire you’ve always dreamed of. She maps real processes in action, beyond how management believes their system is working. She can map new processes based on need and efficiency. And she knows her limitations, and when to escalate an issue to a human colleague. Then, SILVIA learns from her co-workers and superiors so that she can apply their solutions without interrupting them in the future.

SILVIA is a Problem Solver

Intelligence On Command: Billion dollar acqui-hires might not be completely extinct yet, but the presence of SILVIA is certainly already changing things when it comes to demanding top talent and problem solving needs.

Whether needs involve expanding into previously complex foreign markets, jetting your business into new verticals ahead of the competition, or taking control of more of your operational elements in order to deepen profit margins and claim the competitive edge, SILVIA simply can’t be ignored.

SILVIA doesn’t require humans to adapt to utilize ‘smart’ machines or technologies in order to unlock her value. She’s just ready to help.

The Science Behind SILVIA: Developed by a team of experts in a wide spectrum encompassing computer science, linguistics, and neurology, SILVIA is woven together by semantics, natural language processing, sentiment analysis, first order logic, and neural ontology to become the fabric and optic-fiber of tomorrow’s greatest advancements.

Through this groundbreaking collaboration mix of technology, innovation, and the sciences, Cognitive Code has replicated human comprehension, intelligence, and voice into a single unprecedented game-changing conversational intelligence system.

Consciousness: By proactively applying logic to knowledge SILVIA is able to converse with users, pinpoint the precise nature of a challenge or need, and independently assess, and execute on a solution, swiftly, economically, and effectively. SILVIA brings speed and automation to your operation, with absolute ease.

Utilizing the patented SILVIA Platform

We provide a rich API and graphical content tools, so that SILVIA-enabled applications and avatars can be rapidly developed, configured, and deployed for your customers and markets.

Applications are deployed in any language

SILVIA’s Core technology is smart enough to infer language rules directly from your application data, so applications can be developed and deployed in any language, or any number of languages for the same application. SILVIA takes in human input through speech, written text, or other input methods. SILVIA can understand the context of that input and respond appropriately with speech and interacting with applications and operating systems on your behalf. SILVIA can also access file systems, networks, web content, and more. SILVIA operates in the context of a client application on desktops and mobile devices, or as part of our SILVIA Server, or even as a node in a peer-to-peer network, or part of the cloud.

SILVIA is adaptable to nearly any platform or device

The SILVIA Core can be deployed to desktops, smartphones, tablets, and our SILVIA Server can be configured to provide online conversational intelligence for your enterprise solutions and web applications.

SILVIA for your enterprise solution & multiple web applications

Say “Hello” to business and operational intelligence. SILVIA speaks your language, and she thrives on solving your challenges and satisfying your customers. Bring SILVIA to your team. It’s one small step that will deliver quantum leaps in changing your potential and positively altering your future. Don’t allow yourself to get left behind. SILVIA is waiting for your call right now.

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