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SILVIA is an automated NLP natural language interface that allows content creators to produce next-level conversationally immersive engaging experiences. Our AI developer’s platform represents the perfect interface that allows you to breathe life into your content so that you can create highly engaging conversational experiences for a myriad of uses in such fields as gaming, training, and education. With our patented technology, you can now transform and connect your content to entirely new mediums of conversational experiences.
Discover how you can easily add immersive conversational experiences to your content and applications today.

Why Choose The Silvia Platform?

SILVIA’s patented technologies are the most advanced, flexible, and portable systems allowing for the creation of the next wave of immersive conversational experiences. It was designed from the ground up with developers in mind. It simply couldn’t get any easier.
SILVIA Studio is the easy-to-use graphical user interface system that allows for application-specific “behavior conversational experiences” to be created. It is within SILVIA Studio where developers (with minimal technical experience or expertise) can quickly drag and drop content into the interface resulting in the creation of fluid natural language conversational experiences that can be added to your Android, iOS, Windows, Cloud, and Unity applications, including virtual and augmented reality applications.


Augmented Reality

Pre-loaded or content-on-demand augmented reality interfaces and experiences for real-time retrieval and display of training, communication, operational control, and performance data.

Virtual Reality

Immersive online or offline virtual reality gaming, entertainment, and training applications for consumer or occupational purposes.


AI-controlled and conversationally driven multimedia intelligent web pages for commerce, marketing, education, and training.

Mobile Devices

Embedded voice-directed operating systems, conversational interfaces, and interactive user manuals for compelling customer experiences.

Process Automation

Voice access to systems, sensors, data, and reporting. Voice interactions replacing manual tasks in industrial and commercial applications.

Unity Friendly

Conversationally intelligent 3D avatars or NPCs for games, entertainment, kiosks, and education.





SILVIA products use SILVIA Core and the extensive API for Core services. The SILVIA Core can be embedded in Android, iOS, and Unity applications.


A graphical system with integrated scripting for all of your application-specific content and behavior development.


A modular add-on component for accepting voice input and rendering voice output within a client application, webpage or part of a SILVIA Server.


A configurable system for automated management of multiple SILVIA cores on networked servers.


Allows programmers to create new applications and plugin-based functionality.

Flexible For Lean Development
And Integrations

Our patented technology is a unique NLP solution but also builds on an open API structure. This allows you to integrate with your existing 3rd party tools like Microsoft or Google Voice to build the complete vision of your company products. Our technology is designed specifically with your developer and product needs in mind. Our Powerful AI stack allows for complete customization.


SILVIA's Core technologies are designed from the ground up to be compact, efficient, and portable. This means that SILVIA can run as an embedded part of desktop, mobile, and AR/VR applications with no internet connection required. SILVIA makes it easy to deploy portable, AI-driven applications without the need to stand up complex scalable server-side solutions. With SILVIA, wherever you go, you can take conversational AI with you.


The SILVIA Platform allows for the fast development of conversational applications without the use of markup languages or programming. SILVIA takes speech input and converts it into a mathematical language, using our runtime engine to isolate words based on statistical relationships. This process conceptualizes meaning from input and dynamically generates output to a conversational tone. SILVIA communicates in virtually any language.


While we offer cloud solutions, SILVIA can run natively on devices with no internet connection required, so our Core technologies are inherently secure and private. SILVIA applications can store conversational interactions on devices, encrypted so that they are only available to the application's users thereby protecting your data. SILVIA’s small footprint (about 5 MB) and low processing requirements allow the technology to go where others cannot.


One of the jewels in SILVIA’s crown technology is the use of memory. This ground-breaking technology not only remembers user interactions and activities but also uses those memories to enhance thought processes. This makes it possible for SILVIA to behave proactively, anticipating users’ needs for future interactions. SILVIA can have extensive conversational and behavioral application data and long-term ongoing personalized relationships with users.

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