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SILVIA Studio is the integrated development environment for the SILVIA Platform. Within SILVIA Studio, developers can add fluid natural language experiences to Android, iOS, Windows, Cloud, and Unity applications, including virtual and augmented reality. Designed with developers in mind, the SILVIA Platform is optimized for rapid development.

Developers - Announcing Open Beta FREE Access To SILVIA Studio

Limited Time Offer. We are now making our SILVIA Studio platform available free to the general developer community. We can't wait to see the amazing software that can be created using SILVIA in gaming, AR, VR, and related applications where highly intuitive conversational interactions will provide entirely new categories of interactive experiences.

Getting Started With SILVIA Studio

silvia Studio

SILVIA Studio is the easy-to-use graphical user interface system that allows for application-specific "behavior conversational experiences" to be created. It is within SILVIA Studio where developers (with minimal technical experience or expertise) can quickly drag and drop content into the interface resulting in the creation of fluid natural language conversational experiences that can be added to your Android, iOS, Windows, Cloud, and Unity applications, including virtual and augmented reality applications. Please note prior to downloading that use of the Software is governed by the terms of the end-user license associated with the software (“License”). An end user agrees to the License by installing, copying, or using the Software. For more information please refer to the Terms Of Use.

SILVIA Studio 2.0.1 Installer

Please complete the Contact Us form and we will email your FREE download to the SILVIA Studio 2.0.1 Installer with directions.

SILVIA Studio Training Videos

Our SILVIA Studio video training course library has been developed to give a better understanding of the graphical system with integrated scripting for all of your application-specific content and behavior development. The SILVIA Studio Training Videos are appropriate for basic training or as a refresher for experienced professionals. If you would like to see new SILVIA Studio training videos added, contact Cognitive Code.

SILVIA Studio Documentation

SILVIA Studio is built for developers, once you have received the download you can begin to add voice to your applications in minutes. Below you will find the foundational documentation used to provide deep understanding of SILVIA concepts, architecture, programming model and more that you will use for SILVIA Studio.

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