Our Mission

Cognitive Code is committed to bridging the gap and changing the lives of both consumers and businesses by connecting their computer applications with the most innovative and advanced on-command conversational artificial intelligent core technologies available today. Our platform enables non-technical professionals to rapidly build conversational voice applications into their projects and applications.

The Company

Cognitive Code is a privately-held artificial intelligence software company. Our focus is on conversational intelligence, NLP (Natural Language Processing), and NHI (Natural Human Interfacing) solutions. Our goal is to make AI general awareness and a powerful toolset for Natural Human Interfacing applications accessible to all types of content creators. We work directly with leading global enterprises, partner with top professional services consultancies, and collaborate with best-in-class product and solution providers.

The Team

Leslie Spring

Leslie is the founder and architect of the SILVIA technology. Prior to his work at Cognitive Code, Leslie worked for such companies as Electronic Arts, Disney, and Sony where he oversaw the development of their graphics systems, 3D game engines, and custom software developer tools. For his work at Sony, several patents were awarded to them for his development work on their content management systems and media services architecture systems. Leslie continued that success with numerous patents being issued for his groundbreaking work in the creation of SILVIA.

Randy Blain

Lead Developer
Randy is the Lead Developer overseeing the expansion and upgrades to SILVIA. 35+ years of technical and artistic experience in a number of diverse industries such as cinematics / 3D SFX, industrial design, public arts engineering, and international finance. He is an award-winning oil painter, and record-holding sculptor, and has 25+ years working in interactive software development, often as Tech Lead.

Jason Blain

Software Archietect
Jason has spent 20 years delivering world-class IT services and leading large-scale business transformations to produce a change in revenues and productivity. His experience has allowed him to create competitive advantages across insourced, outsourced, virtual, and highly matrixed resource models for companies from start-ups to global organizations. At Cognitive Code, Jason is responsible for overseeing the upgrades to SILVIA Core, SILVIA Studio, and SILVIA Server.

Dan O’Shea

Managing Director
Dan is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and advisor. Over the past two decades, he has created a number of highly successful e-commerce and technology-related businesses. He has a strong passion for creating purpose-driven scalable products and customer-centric experiences. His companies have a proven track record of profitability, and are built for long-term sustainability.

Brendan O’Shea

Marketing Director
Brendan is a successful founder, investor, and advisor. He is passionate about e-commerce digital marketing, technology, technology-led business models, innovation, and entrepreneurship. His marketing efforts have led to nearly a billion dollars in revenues over the past 20 years.

Sal DiFazio

Corporate Counsel
With more than 30 years as a leading practicing attorney, Sal is responsible for Cognitive Code’s legal, intellectual property, corporate governance, and regulatory activities across the company’s expanding operations. He has extensive experience assisting technology, Internet, and sports and entertainment industry clients with complex licensing issues, general contract issues, and corporate work.

Peter Walsh

Business Director
Peter has spent nearly 30 years of his career as a successful sales and consulting executive, including 15 years at UPS, where he executed UPS's largest commercial deal with a major pharmaceutical company, enabling UPS to globalize its healthcare strategy into a global Healthcare distribution and Logistics Network across the company's portfolio of 300 + products. Peter has held sales and logistics leadership positions in highly complex environments throughout his career. He has an entrepreneurial mindset focused on closing mutually beneficial business deals that ensure maximum value and absolute client satisfaction.

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